Do you speak English? We do, too.

With a new addition to our programme we launched an English website in July.

The Münchner Kammerspiele is a theatre with an international outlook, which manifests in many international co-productions and guest performances (from) all over the world and an ensemble with actors from many different countries. For our Dutch theatre director Johan Simons this means striving for a theatre that situates itself in the middle of the city, in the middle of Europe and in the middle of the world.


Performances such as SPECTACULAR LIGHTSHOWS OF WHICH U DON`T SEE THE EFFECT and TAUBERBACH are very well suited for an international audience. The same holds true for debates like MAPPING DEMOCRACY , WORLD WIDE : WORK and URBAN PLACES- PUBLIC SPACES or panel talks held in English such as IN THE MIDDLE OF EUROPE. And although many plays on show at Münchner Kammerspiele require at least a basic understanding of German, we would like to invite those without to visit us and participate in what we have to offer.


From July on there will be one play a month with surtitles and some introductions in English. We will announce these performances together with other recommendations for non-German speakers. All this will be published on our new English website and a brandnew monthly newsletter in English. You can subscribe here.


While the big re-launch of a truly multilingual website is on the way, we worked on a condensed English website that will be launched in July. It caters to non-Germans living in Munich and the area, for employees of international companies, for international tourists and to the larger theatre and arts community in the world, boldly spoken. At this point we do tweet in English whenever we feel it fits the subject. This very Blog does host texts in English, too, and we translate relevant play descriptions on the German website, i.e. for the trinational co-production ILONA. ROSETTA. SUE.

We are on the way. More to come soon…


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